James Lucas, his father Walter Lucas, and his brother Gary Lucas all worked as commercial fisherman at the Lazio Dock. Their boat, the Silver Seas, would trawl the Bodega Bay area for bottom fish and shrimp. After a few successful years, the ‘Shrimp Kings’ — as the brothers came to be known as — purchased the Lazio Dock in 1976. As the tourist trade increased James and Gary built the Deli and Fish Market and then in 1979 begun the construction of the Lucas Wharf Restaurant.

​Lucas Wharf, formerly known as the Lazio Dock, has long been a hub for local fisherman. Salmon, shrimp, rockfish, crabs and all other kinds of seafood would be caught in and around the Bay, processed on the Lazio Dock and then shipped off to the distributors.

​After construction was finished in 1984, the new Lucas Wharf restaurant was run by Gary and Jim Lucas until 1993, when Peggy and Jim purchased the restaurant. Peggy and Jim ran the restaurant together until James’s tragic death in 2004. Currently, the restaurant and the surrounding deli and fish market is still family owned and operated. With Peggy Lucas being the sole owner of the restaurant and her son, Shane Lucas running the Fishetarian Deli next door. Come see for yourself why the Lucas Wharf is one of the oldest and most popular destinations in Bodega Bay!

About Lucas Wharf Restaurant...

​For centuries, fishermen have fished in and around Bodega Bay. Native American, Spanish, Russian, Mexican and most recently American fisherman have all managed to earn their living fishing at the Bay. Although the techniques, equipment and vessels used to catch the fish may have changed over time, the determination and perseverance required to catch fish has stayed the same.